Less Thin, Clear Water Release iPhone This Year?

In addition to models with a screen size of 4.7 inches , the iPhone 6 is rumored to be crowded also released in another version that carries a 5.5 -inch screen .

Well , the latest information reported by Phone Arena says that the iPhone phablet or also called Water ‘s iPhone will be delayed appearance until 2015 .

The problem associated with the production of technical constraints faced by the component manufacturer .

Apple wants a battery that is only 2 mm thick for iPhone phablet , while the manufacturing partners of Apple was only able to shrink the battery up to 2.8 mm .

In fact, the 5.5 -inch screen on the iPhone phablet likely would require more power than the type of screen on the previous generation iPhone . The capacity of the batteries also need to be adjusted .

According to rumors circulating , Apple really wants to keep the iPhone phablet has a slim body measuring even wider than its predecessor .

Production of iPhone phablet then postponed until Apple can find a solution to the problem of Samsung SDI and LG called involved in the development of the battery , along with a number of other smaller manufacturers .

If Apple will actually launch the iPhone phablet , the producers will be faced with a number of vendors of Android devices that have been issued first device of similar size , such as Samsung , HTC , and LG .

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As usual , Apple itself did not comment on the news about the iPhone 6 .


Minister: Youth So Piles Indonesia

Commerce Minister Muhammad Lutfi Indonesian judge will have a bright future. This can be achieved if the act is done in line with the heart.

"When the heart works the same right we could see it changed everything," said Lutfi, Monday (21/4) in the event of awarding figures Republika Changes in Jakarta.

According to him, from playing football affairs to education will all make a difference if done with care.

"So I believe that it is the young ones will be piling into the next Indonesia.

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When one works with the liver, Indonesia will become a great nation, “he said.


Nokia Will be Transformed into Microsoft Mobile

Nokia’s name will be changed to the Microsoft Mobile after a deal between the two companies reached this month . It was revealed from the letters that Microsoft sent to the supplier .

Based on the contents of the letter , the name of Nokia Corporation / Nokia Oyj ( PT) was changed to the Microsoft Mobile Oy which is located in Redmond , Washington , DC .

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Memorandum submitted to the suppliers also mention that the trade relations and agreements between them will run on a new era , when taken over by Microsoft . Written : ” Please note that the name of Nokia Corporation / Nokia Oyj will be turned into Microsoft Mobile Oy . Microsoft Mobile Oy is the legal name used for a tax ID and invoice . “

In October, Director of Nokia Stephen Elop , who now leads the division at Microsoft , suggested that the Nokia brand will disappear in the future , along with the presence of Lumia .

" What should we decide determines the brand in the future , " said Elop . " Therefore , we have not been able to decide what brand would be dominant for smart phones in the future . "

Elop said the move through a process that is tailored to the consumer ‘s response and to achieve the best results .


Vice Principal Ferry Accident Related Suicide in South Korea

A vice principal survivors of the ferry crash in South Korea , was found dead hanging himself in Jindo , an island near the sunken ship evacuation of victims , Friday ( 18/04/2014 ) .

Vice principal who committed suicide was the leader of 325 students who were the fateful excursion ferry . He previously had left a message , that he felt guilty for living , while more than 200 students lost .

From the official description of the police , the deputy head of the school who committed suicide identified as Kang Min - kyu . Kang said in his message , he wants to be responsible for what happened because he had led the way . He also requested that his body be cremated and the ashes scattered at the crash site .

Local officials said there were 179 casualties and about 270 people are still missing . Of these victims , most of whom are high school students between the ages of 16-17 years . The possibility of survival of the victims who lost at the moment is getting thinner .

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The ship left the port of Incheon on Tuesday this week to take an overnight trip to the island of Jeju . Total passenger reaches 475 people . To prevent sinking ship , Navy divers installing air bags under the boat weighing 6852 .


Brief comments JK When asked about Jokowi

Golkar Party senior politician , Jusuf Kalla , said he did not follow the political developments . He said that when asked the discourse related pairs nomination to be vice president with presidential candidate of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo .

" Nantilah , I also do not keep track of as well , " Kalla said after attending the event Sinabung Kelud Calling Opening & Book Launch , in the Community Building Salihara , Pasar Minggu , South Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) night .

The rest , he did not say much . Vice President in 2004-2009 prefers to serve the demand photograph and signature of the guests in attendance .

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In the event the launch of the book and photo exhibition Kelud Calling Sinabung , in the building around 20:00 pm Salihara this , buy the work of JK Thomas S Meliala ‘s photo titled ” Jeraya Village , Simpang Empat , Karo , North Sumatra ” auction , for USD 15 million dollars . Thomas is a freelance photographer who was killed by the eruption of Mount Sinabung , Saturday ( 02/01/2014 ) .


Want BTN sold, boss BRI Not Invited Talk

Sales news State Savings Bank Tbk ( BBTN ) is still a puzzle . Because there is no certainty of a state-owned bank that is interested in taking over the bank .

State-owned banks are interested in acquiring BTN among others , PT Bank Mandiri Tbk , PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BNI ) and PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BRI ) .

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Director of Bank BRI , Sofyan Basir as confirmed on this would dodge and even jokes . “Who wants to sell BTN ? Kayak willing to sell the motor alone , ” he joked at the CPC office , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Sofyan admitted until now there has been no discussion related to the acquisition of BTN SOE Minister Dahlan Iskan to BRI . ” There are no talks . I do not know , ” he said .
As reported earlier , the government will sell its entire stake in BTN in the first half 2014 . The stock release plan has been included in the agenda of the General Meeting Extraordinary Shareholders ( EGM ) of the company will be held on May 21, 2014 .

Divestment plan is contained in the letter of the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises ( SOEs ) dated 11 April SR-161/MBU/04/2014 number addressed to Director of BTN .

Currently BTN shares owned by the government of 60.14 % , while 39.86 % owned by the public . With the release of BTN stock , the only state-owned bank , Bank Mandiri stay , PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BRI ) and PT Bank Negara Indonesia Tbk ( BNI ) .


BNP Paribas Fund Reaches Rp 36 Trillion

Funds under management (Asset Under Management / AUM) PT BNP Paribas Investment Partners to March this year has reached Rp 36 trillion, or year-to-date increase of 5.8% from last year’s Rp 34 trillion.

President Director of BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Vivian Secakusuma revealed, increasing funds under management caused by the movement of stocks that gained since the beginning of this year.

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"The number of our investors since the beginning of the year did not increase significantly," said Vivian in Jakarta, Monday (14/4).

Furthermore, he explained, funds under management (Asset Under Management / AUM), the company this year, each contributed by retail and institutional investors is 50%.

With the advent of new products this year, the company managed funds is expected to increase 10% year on year until the end of the year to Rp 37 - Rp 38 trillion.


Ready to Grow 250 Hospital of Traditional Medicine

A total of 250 hospitals in Indonesia are gradually prepared to develop traditional medicine , herbal or alternative .

" Gradually the traditional treatment is developed . One of the hospitals that have developed the Soetomo Hospital which is now more advanced , " said

Director of Health Services of Traditional , Complementary and Alternative Health Ministry Smith Kuswenda in the international symposium ” TradCAM ” ( traditional complimentary and alternative medicine) that was held in Surabaya on Saturday .

In addition to the hospital , he said , traditional medicine also taught at the college one of the University of Airlangga ( Airlangga University) . ” Even acupuncture also be explored , ” he said .

He said the development of traditional medicine in Indonesia today is quite good . So he is hoping the public can get traditional treatment well without it contains chemicals that harm the body . ” So herbs can be used for fitness and health , ” he said .

Smith said it was important for traditional medicine as an alternative society . ” What determines the patient ‘s own , if you feel comfortable with herbs yes no problem , ” he said .

To that end , he added, it continues to develop traditional medicine through the existing hospital . However , do not rule out the possibility of Ministry of Health continues to monitor the circulation of traditional medicine that did not get permission from the Ministry of Health or health related services .

" Certification is still needed . Besides, we also intensified to curb the traditional medicine sellers who do not obey the rules , " he said .

Chairman of the symposium steering committee , said Puruhito symposium was attended by experts from Thailand , Japan , Philippines , China , Malaysia , and Indonesia .

He said traditional medicine in the world is growing rapidly , as ’ battra ’ in China there are 30 percent and 20 percent in America , even in America there ‘s 30 faculty who study ’ battra ’ consistently.

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"Indonesia should have already known that traditional medicine from other countries , like China , because Indonesia has the greatest biological diversity in the world , " he said .


Lampung Governor Soon Have youngest

Coinciding with the 2014 legislative election ballot , the citizens of Lampung held local democratic party chose Governor and Deputy Governor . Based on a quick count Saiful Mujani Research and Consulting ( SMRC ) Ridho Ficardo elected as Governor of Lampung period 2014-2019 .
If elected official , Governor Candidates who carried the Democratic Party and the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) will become the youngest governor in the history of direct local elections . Blessing was born July 20, 1980 . Means that he is now 34 years old .

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The election Ridho , add a row of young people who managed to perform in front of being a leader in the area still own . In West Java , there Ridwan Kamil who was elected mayor of Bandung , Bima Arya Sugiarto , who has been sworn in as mayor of Bogor and Ganjar Pranowo who led Central Java .
Director of Public Indonesian Institute ( IPI ) Karyono Wibowo , said the growing number of young people who fill strategic positions will burst the hopes of the birth of a breakthrough and change . The spirit of the changes brought these young leaders will be a great asset to realize more powerful new Indonesia .
" While it has not managed to completely change the system fairer corresponding ideals of freedom , but this positive trend , " he said , Saturday ( 04/12/2014 ) .
According Karyono , the reform movement at least be a blessing for young people to perform in front of . Order reform has also spawned a successful young leaders who occupy positions of power .
" In the office of the local government are also many young politician who was elected as head of the region , such as Ganjar Pranowo in Central Java , Bima Arya in Bogor , Bandung Ridwan Kamil , and Tuan Guru Bajang in NTB , Jokowi - Ahok in Jakarta , and the latest Ridho Ficardo in Lampung , "said Karyono .
Karyono assess this phenomenon as a positive trend change in the leadership of the older generation to the younger group . A natural phenomenon that can not be avoided . That previous generations would give birth to a new generation of leadership to continue .
" On the awareness of young people ‘s leadership role , then wisely Sukarno said , ’ Give me my ten youth will jiggle the world ’ . Sentence was full of philosophical meaning wise , that change is in the hands of young people , " he said .
Sukarno himself , said Karyono , had led the Indonesian National Party ( PNI ) at the age of 26 years . And at a relatively young age became the First President Soekarno of Indonesia.
As is known , in the election of the Governor of Lampung 9 April yesterday , ahead of four pairs of candidates , namely Ridho Ficardo - Bakhtiar , Herman HN - Zainuddin Hassan , Diamond Tihang - Mukhlis Basri and M Alzier Dianis Thabranie - Lukman Hakim . A quick count results ( SMRC ) , recorded a duet Ridho - Bakhtiar , came out as the winner of the most votes .
The duo that brought Democrats and the MCC , gain 43.66 percent of the vote . Followed pair Herman HN - Zainuddin 32.94 with sound support . Underneath , the duo Diamond - Mukhlis scooped 15.7 percent of the vote . Then the final sequence , M Alzier D Thabranie - Lukman Hakim , only able to gain the support of 7.7 percent of the vote .


Results disappointed “Quick Count”, PDIP Claims Reach 3.7 Percent of Vote

Chairman of the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) Sutiyoso disappointed with the quick count results ( quick count ) number of surveys are announced after the April 9 legislative elections of 2014. He claimed , in a fast count internally , PKPI won more votes than the results of a quick count pollsters .

" Quick count it not an official result . We are still waiting for the official results of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) . Still optimistic we will pass the target of 3.5 per cent , " he said , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) in Jakarta .

Sutiyoso said he appreciated the quick count as one of the methods used are scientifically recognized . However , he doubts the professionalism of a number of survey institutes . ” There is a tendency that is financed by certain parties , ” said the man who is often called the Bang Yos .

In addition , he also deplored the launch pollsters quick count two days before the legislative elections . According to him , it can affect voter preferences .

Sutiyoso also considered that aired quick count in a number of inaccurate media . According to him , the total sample of 2,000 polling stations ( TPS ) used pollsters and announced an hour after the election will reduce the accuracy of the calculation . A number of polling stations that still have to do a re-election because ballots are swapped also affect the accuracy . This inaccuracy , said Sutiyoso , can affect the results of re-election .

" Of course they ( the voters on the ballot again , red) thought this party would not pass , so do not be selected," he said .

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He said , PKPI have done a quick count at 3,000 polling stations sampled . With witnesses reporting methods via text message , voice PKPI claims to have received 3.7 percent . Related coalition , PKPI still undecided . Suityoso will wait for the official results before determining the attitude of the Commission .